Trade Show Supplies and Services

Taking a Look at Trade Show Supplies and Services

The key ingredient for successful implementation of your trade show exhibit booth vision is preparation.

Whether you’re renting your booth, or creating your own design, we have the list of supplies you’ll need, with the supporting services you’ll want.

As your trade show design professional, our services go hand in hand with managing your venue’s logistics, ensuring there are no surprises. (The bad kind.)

Our 20/20 View of Your Vision

Plain and simple: We love your design ideas. We enjoy building upon them, and turning them into the kind of reality you’d like to see. We accomplish this by always keeping in mind our formula for trade show exhibit booth design sucess.

Trade Show Supplies and Services

We Serve Your Trade Show Booth Design Needs

We serve clients from all over the world, though the venues where we offer our trade show supplies and services are located in Las Vegas and San Diego. As a result, we’ve been able to establish ourselves as experts in two highly desirable, high-traffic trade show locations. What this means to you is we’re familiar with all of the venues in these two cities, where successful and high-profile shows are held. Designing an attention-grabbing exhibition booth with a specific location and space in mind is one of our specialties.

We Understand Trade Shows and Available Resources

We understand all of the ins and outs of trade show planning. Whether its assessing what trade show supplies you’ll need, and getting them at the best price point, or determining the benefits of working with local companies with whom we partner for services like catering, our expertise runs the gamut.

We Create a Quality Trade Show Experience

We create the experience you had in mind when you booked this trade show. Deciding on the right trade show booth design requires maximum planning efforts, and we realize you never seem to have enough time to do what you want to do, let alone need to do. That’s where Tradeshows of Las Vegas comes in. We put our attention to detail to work for you, working side-by-side as your planning partner, knowing every detail is important, and every decision is significant.

We Coordinate Your Event to Maximize Your Time

We offer event management services allowing for coordination of your booth rental, design, and management. Knowing that your time is at a premium, offering this service lets you concentrate on your marketing strategy and work with your on-site staff in preparation for your event.

We Evaluate All Available Options For You

We know all of the trade show supplies and services that are out there. We listen to what you want, and then assist you in evaluating which of these choices makes the most sense for you. Keeping in mind your industry sector, marketing goals, and branding strategy we present viable options to you that are in line with your vision.

We Systematize the Process For High-Level Organization

We have a system that works. We draft an easy-to-understand action plan that provides you with structure. Our technicians are organized, experienced, and dedicated to client satisfaction. Your budget is our budget, and we never waste your time, or money.

We Support You at Every Turn to Minimize Your Stress

Trade shows are exciting, but stressful events. While we do these shows all of the time, we know you may not and so we’re sensitive to the attendant pressures. Our team of professionals will support you during every phase of your trade show experience; from planning, to dismantling. Tradeshows of Las Vegas is your partner for all things trade show.