Trade Show Event Management Services

Trade Show Exhibit Booth Goals

Determining Goals and Objectives

The Center for Exhibition and Industry Research found that 63% of exhibitors establish their primary trade show objective as promoting company capabilities and awareness. As you can imagine, there are a multitude of goals to consider, and as part of our event management services we help you sift through these choices quickly and painlessly.

Our One-Stop Shop Approach

We’re all about total event management. Our trade show industry expertise makes it so you don’t need to plan for every eventuality. We’ll do that. We have extensive knowledge about the supplies and services you’ll need. As a single point of contact for suppliers, navigating the sea of trade show vendors is that much simpler. With less people in the mix, communication is direct, and efficient.

We Speak Trade Show

We’ve been doing business locally, in both Las Vegas and San Diego, for a few decades now. This means we’re not just well-versed in talking the industry talk, but we’ll get things done. We make recommendations based upon our experience in planning, setting up, and supporting every moving part required for a trade show exhibit booth. Our tactical plan will ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Measuring is Always About the Numbers

Managing your event means determining your event’s measure of success. Your trade show booth is a huge investment of time, energy, and money. We take that very seriously. That’s why measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) is an important part of your goal setting and, ultimately, planning. Speaking of measuring, we’ll take care of measuring everything in and around your booth, making sure the dimensions are fully optimized for the goals and objectives you have in mind.

We Treat You as Though You’re Our Only Client

We value you and your process. The trade show exhibit experience is unique for each of our clients, so we don’t treat your designs, ideas, and plans in exactly the same way. Although we’re adept at handling large-scale events for equally large organizations, no matter what your company’s size, our support is always large-scale. The quality of our event management services makes you feel as though you’re our only client.

Taking the Mystery Out of the Process

We communicate with you every step of the way, so you don’t have to wonder where we are in our process. Arranging for either the rental, or purchase of your trade show booth, along with developing your design is something we do every day. We are confident we will achieve your objectives.

Choosing the Right Bells and Whistles For Your Event

From cappuccino machines, to prize wheels, to live entertainment, the options for creating engagement opportunities are truly endless. We can narrow that list down for you immediately by establishing which bells and whistles are “must-haves” and which are “don’t-need-to-haves.” Why not get the conversation started early by taking advantage of some pre-show promotion? It’s easy to arrange, and often pre-loads the excitement about your exhibition booth.

Trade Show Event Management Services


Our Event Management Philosophy: We listen.

We begin by sitting down with you and listening to what you would like to accomplish. As trade show design and management specialists, we pride ourselves on being able to convert your aspirations into a clear action plan you can share with your team.


Our Event Management Services: We commit.

From the moment we book your event, we are committed to being your Project Manager for the entire journey. Partnering with Tradeshows of Las Vegas for your event management services means we’ll step into the process in whatever stage you find yourself in, and take it from there. We get done what needs to be done.


Our Event Management Partnership: We streamline.

We streamline your project for success. Your success. This means our staff of highly trained professionals launches a coordinated effort guiding you through a planning process that strongly supports your marketing strategy. You can expect flawless execution, with seamless service, and an effortless experience.