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As your trade show design partner, we draw upon our multi-venue experience in choosing your all-important display stands. We keep in mind the importance of reinforcing your brand, while creating opportunities for engagement with your visitors. Designing displays reflecting your company’s overall value proposition, in addition to clearly projecting what services, or goods you provide, will strongly support your trade show goals and objectives. Display stands offer a budget-friendly opportunity for effective marketing, and it’s a detail that can’t get too much attention.

Stands That Stand Out

It’s about look and feel. Your display stands are a key component in attracting customers to your booth. In choosing which stands will do the job, it’s beneficial to consider the atmosphere you want to create. Maybe you want a design that reflects powerful advancements in technology, or provides a haven away from the chaotic showroom floor. Perhaps a booth that makes visitors feel as though they’ve dropped by an art gallery would best support your branded presentation. Your display stands will stand out ” and deliver ” when they work as accents for your overall design concept.

The Where of Your Wares

If the displays are doing their job, you will stand out no matter where you’re located. Walking all around the area where you’ll be setup will allow you to note what will make your booth more visible to visitors. As a result of touring your booth site you can incorporate visibility as a design element, ensuring the use of all the angles; up, down, head-on, right, left, even diagonals. It’s good to change your perspective by making multi-directional approaches to your site to see what every potential client may – or may not – see.

Your booth is an influencer that should stand tall. Include eye-catching elements from above, like an easily seen banner hanging from the ceiling, or make your booth seem wider with stools positioned in front of a counter. (As a sidebar, if your event is outdoors, this calls for a different set of choices. You’re going to need stands that can hold up to the weather, even in the relatively moderate climates that we find in Las Vegas and San Diego.)

 “Your brand’s absolute best support consists of choosing the right display stands that say it all within three seconds.”

Stand By Your Brand

Your brand is what immediately differentiates you from all of the other exhibitors. We’ve seen a lot of booths, and we know how to help you cut through the trade show noise with dazzling displays clearly delineating the goods, or services you offer. Less is better. Your brand’s absolute best support consists of choosing just a few efficient displays that say it all within three seconds. That’s the amount of time it takes to serve up a first impression, so why not let your custom displays do the impressing? There are a whole class of these, including twist stands, pull ups, pop ups, exhibition plinths, brochure stands, outdoor signs, and demonstration counters.  Each offers a specific purpose, along with a specific benefit that we would be more than happy to go over.

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Figuring the Configuring

Working hand in hand with establishing what booth configuration would best suit your needs, would be thinking about the shape, dimensions, and location of your booth. Planning saves you money, and having a visual rendering of your space will also provide you with a handy mockup that will inform any conversations you have with either our technicians, or your team. And speaking of money, if it’s in your budget, or in your bailiwick, you can utilize programs like SmartDraw, 3D Max, or SketchUp to draw up your schematic. Otherwise, going old school with a ruler, pencil, and some paper works just fine too.