Trade Show Booth Design

Tradeshows of Las Vegas wants to partner with you in creating your trade show booth design.

We know you have a multitude of creative ideas for your trade show booth design.
Before we launch into those, how about if we start with some power planning?

Set Objectives and Goals:

Before you begin designing your booth you and your team need to identify what you’re looking to accomplish with your trade show booth exhibit. What look and feel will support your objectives and goals? What is the takeaway experience? Is your goal to create brand awareness, or are you looking to make product sales, or services your main objective?

Determine Your Audience.

You want to attract attention. More than that, you want to retain prospective, or current clients at your booth. Right now is a good time to jot down characteristics of attendees who represent a viable target audience for your products, or services. What solutions can you offer to these prospects? This will impact how – or if – you’ll be offering giveaways, spotlighting technology, or designing for interactivity. Your booth will need to accommodate these choices in order to provide access to materials, activities, and staff.

Consider Your Space.

Optimizing your space is the main logistical objective. Dimensions, location, Wi-Fi connections, electrical outlets, and lighting all play an integral part in exhibit booth planning. Equally important is technology and how you may best integrate this element seamlessly into your space. In planning your booth it is essential to organize how staffers will move in, about, and out of the booth, and interact with customers. Will they be walking around? Sitting? Standing? The trade show booth design needs to be dynamic, allowing for unimpeded traffic flow, but it also should allow for the comfort of workers and customers alike.

Frame Your Brand as the Star of the Show.

The most successful trade show booth is one that lingers in the visitors’ memories long after the signs are stowed away. Who are you? This should be boldly emblazoned in your booth with a prominently displayed logo, high-resolution images, and branded color scheme, along with a booth presentation that shows, so you can tell. The goods, or services you provide is part of your brand. Solid prospects want to know what solutions you are offering for their problems.

Make Messaging Magic.

While design creativity plays a key role in trade show booth design, it is crucial to convey your message to clients. A booth can be eye-catching, memorable, even unique, but visitors will not remember the goods, or services your company offers if what you do is not made clear. Make sure you are working your messaging magic by weaving it into your design elements. Craft a “POW!-er-ful” message that wows your visitors. Just remember to make your message simple, clear, and obvious.

Track Your Success With a System.

Trade shows are busy events. When you glance at the clock, hours that seem like minutes have gone by. That’s why your trade show booth design should incorporate a way for you to easily track who has visited. Whether you go low-tech with a journal where you write notes and gather business cards, medium-tech with an app like Quick Tap Survey, or high-tech with a lead retrieval scanner, it is imperative to establish a tracking system.

Adhere to the Laws of Attraction.

Your booth should be a sight for the eyes, but don’t forget the nose. Consider drawing visitors to your booth with the pleasing scent of aromatic coffee, chocolate, or scent diffusers. Keep them there by offering value-added products like custom infographics, or photo booth pictures. Access their love of technology with a hashtag contest, or appeal to their desire to win a prize with a gamified drawing. Whatever method you choose create a thematic tie-in between the attractions you offer and the nature of your business.